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Treatments We Provide

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents can cause hidden injuries beyond the typical neck and back pain. We go beyond the obvious to address misalignments throughout your body, from shoulders and knees to hands and feet, promoting long-term healing and preventing future pain.

Carpal Tunnel & Hand Pain Relief

Struggling with hand and wrist pain? We offer a safe, drug-free approach to carpal tunnel syndrome, addressing the root cause for lasting relief and a pain-free grip on life.

Foot Pain Relief & Plantar fasciitis

We offer a personalized approach to foot pain relief. We don't just mask symptoms, we identify the root cause (plantar fasciitis, bunions, etc.) & create a plan to get you back on your feet comfortably.

Neck Pain Relief

We offer a safe, effective approach to neck pain relief. We pinpoint the cause (muscle strain, pinched nerve, etc.) and create a personalized treatment plan to get you moving comfortably again.

Back Pain Relief

Suffering from back pain in Bartlesville? We ditch the drugs & surgery. We use targeted adjustments & a personalized plan to get you back to a pain-free, active life.

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